Saturday, 25 November 2017

First real cold of the winter

Breaking the ice this morning.
Cycling through an icy puddle
Back from the mornings ride. My toes are painful. Winter has finally arrived. And with it the problem of keeping warm on a budget. I'm sure there are a lot of expensive clothing solutions available. But cycling clothing is very expensive, what do I do with it if it doesn't keep me warm as promised?
I have tried some in the past. Pretty disappointed with it to be honest.

It's the fingers and toes that suffer. It can make winter riding almost a chore. Get out and back home quickly. But I like to chat to Matt, and take pictures. The morning light can be great. The golden hour coincides with the rides. It's such a shame to miss it. But stopping, gloves off take pictures, put gloves on again usually results in even colder fingers for the rest of the ride. I just don't feel like it. Should I suffer for my art?

Today was a little different. The gloves I bought last winter combined with an under glove kept my finger warm, even taking the top gloves off for some
picture taking didn't result in painful fingers. Now I just need to sort out my toes.
Two pairs of socks didn't work. it might have been all the layers restricted the blood supply a bit. Which wouldn't help with keeping the toes warm. I'll try something different tomorrow. I'm sure I have a lot more cold mornings coming up to experiment with my wardrobe.

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